Fellow citizens of Hong Kong,

Good afternoon!

The Central People's Government has approved my resignation and relieved me of the post of the Chief Secretary for Administration of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. I now announce my decision to stand for the election for the Sixth-term Chief Executive of the HKSAR.

For more than 40 years, alongside the development of Hong Kong, I have gradually become part of the governing team of the HKSAR government. I have always reflected on what we should do to make Hong Kong even better.

Hong Kong is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its return to the Motherland this year. In this monumental moment, we should build upon the past and look ahead into the future. We should grasp the good opportunities and attain new development heights. In the past two years or so, I have witnessed Hong Kong's restoration of order from chaos, and the opening up of opportunities for development and reform. I truly believe that the next five years will be a critical time for Hong Kong to move from the present stage of order towards an era of prosperity underpinned by effective governance.

After much deliberation, I have decided to stand for the election and commit myself to the historic mission of bringing Hong Kong forward, together with different sectors of the community and Hong Kong people. I earnestly look forward to seeing Hong Kong as a city brimming with vibrancy, as a community in which everyone is happy, as a society that is highly open, as a place which embraces unity, and as a home which provides stability and safety.

This decision is made out of my loyalty to my country, my love for Hong Kong, and my sense of duty to Hong Kong people. I am confident that I will rise up to the greatest challenge in my public service career.

As for future policies, I intend to focus mainly on three policy areas: one, to resolve various issues based on a result-oriented approach; two, to increase the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong; and third, to consolidate a firm foundation for Hong Kong's development.

I came from grassroots. Growing up in public housing, I have experienced first-hand the hardships faced by the grassroots community. I firmly believe that resolving the concerns of people must be a top priority in government policies.

Being a pragmatic person, I have always believed that aside from procedural compliance, our ultimate objective must be to ensure results. I intend to effect changes on government's philosophy and ways of doing things to enhance the effectiveness of policy implementation. I will strive to build a teamwork culture that think and act in a "we and us" and not a "you or us" mindset as well as a collaborative approach to problem solving. Obviously, change should not be for the sake of changing; good policies and practices should remain.

For a long period of time, there have been a number of deep-rooted issues, including housing, healthcare and youth development etc., which have not been effectively resolved. The objective of change is to achieve better outcome, thereby benefiting our society and Hong Kong people. If successfully elected, I will lead the new-term government under the principle of "Patriots administering Hong Kong" and actively engage different sectors of the community and Hong Kong people in formulating policies and measures to resolve these issues, such that Hong Kong people can truly benefit from the fruits of progress and development.

In the coming five years, starting a new chapter of development, Hong Kong must enhance its overall competitiveness.

With the advantages under the "One Country, Two Systems", Hong Kong enjoys the enormous growth opportunities from the Central Government's strategies, including its "14th Five-Year Plan", the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and other policies in support of Hong Kong. Provided that we seize on these opportunities and leverage on our unique strengths and advantages to create new economic growth areas and proactively integrate into the national development, Hong Kong will embrace a future with unlimited possibilities.

Hong Kong must maintain its characters of being an international metropolis. Hong Kong must expand its international connectivity, establish a more favourable business environment, uphold the values of inclusion, diversity and openness, and further strengthen its competitiveness in finance, trade, transportation, innovation and technology etc. As Hong Kong boards the express train of our country's development, Hong Kong must simultaneously reinforce its competitive strengths in the global arena, and bolster its role as a gateway and bridge between our country and the world. This is where Hong Kong's vitality lies.

We will also need to start a new chapter for Hong Kong and to consolidate a firm foundation. This foundation will provide a safe and stable environment for the whole of Hong Kong.

In the coming five years, Hong Kong must expedite its development, consolidate its hard-earned stability and create a safe and stable environment in which we can stride forward with nothing hanging over us. The Chief Executive of the HKSAR must protect the overall interests of Hong Kong and the new government will continue to safeguard the rule of law, which is the core value and cornerstone of its governance, as well as ensure the long-term stability and prosperity of Hong Kong under "One Country, Two Systems".

Having served in the government for over four decades, I genuinely believe that even the greatest have limits. To achieve the above policy objectives requires the joint efforts of all sectors of the community and each of us. If successfully elected, I will lead the Sixth-term government to openly, frankly and respectfully engage with the Hong Kong people and listen to them. Talents will be recruited and teams will be formed, experienced and competent talents and experts from different sectors will be nominated and appointed to take up key positions in the government and other governing bodies. Together, we will strive for excellence in all aspects of our work.

This new chapter will be a new symphony. Being the conductor, I will ensure that each member will be able to leverage his or her strengths to create the synergy effect of "one plus one is greater than two". Together we will play a more splendid new piece for Hong Kong.

In today's volatile world, one will fall behind just by standing still. Hong Kong cannot slow down nor can it wait. If successfully elected, I will lead the Sixth-term government through efficient and effective policy implementation, unite different sectors of the community and Hong Kong people, and further advance the successful implementation of "One Country, Two Systems" so as to build a better Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's development matters not only to Hong Kong people, but is also dear to the hearts of our 1.4 billion fellow Chinese. It is also the attention of nations across the world. For the sake of ourselves, our next generation, Hong Kong and our country, we must achieve excellent results.

Hong Kong should have a better future, better life and better development. However, these will not just come to us. I strongly believe that through the three major policy areas that I put forward, namely, to implement policies with a result-oriented approach, to increase its our overall competitiveness and to consolidate its firm foundation, Hong Kong will have greater capability to respond to any challenges in the future!

Thank you.